Nashville Center for Reproductive Health

Nashville Center for Reproductive Health

Case Number: 24-0520-IV

Chancery Court of Davidson County, Tennessee

Frequently Asked Questions
  • I’m a patient looking for a copy of my medical records.
    • Answer: To obtain a copy of your medical records or to have your records sent to another healthcare provider, please email your requests to with your full name, date of birth, contact information for the recipient of records, and details of what you are requesting. We are working to respond to all medical records request as quickly as possible. You will need to sign a medical authorization / release that will be provided upon receipt of your email. You will not be charged for the transfer of your medical records.


  • What is the status of my (embryos, oocytes, sperm)? How are they being taken care of? What was the procedure from the time the facility closed until the Receiver was appointed?
    • Answer: At this time, all genetic materials are being safely stored at the CRH facility in Nashville, TN. The Receiver has arranged for an embryologist to come to the facility to monitor the tanks where the specimens are stored. The embryologist has been coming to the facility regularly prior to the Receiver’s appointment to service the tanks and verify that the tanks are being maintained.


  • What is the plan for the transfer of the (embryos, oocytes, sperm)?
    • Answer: The Receiver is working to finalize an agreement with an alternative fertility clinic for transfer and storage of the genetic materials. The Court will need to make a ruling on the proposal before logistics of the transfer can be arranged. The Receiver will provide you with a formal notice regarding next steps when the plan is finalized. You will also receive a notice from the new clinic once the transfer is complete.


  • Which clinics are being considered for the transfer and storage of the (embryos, oocytes, sperm)?
    • Answer: We cannot discuss the details of the proposed agreement at this time. The Receiver will provide you with additional information when a plan is finalized.


  • Can I choose where my (embryos, oocytes, sperm) are being transferred?
    • Answer: All cryogenic material will be transferred to one facility that the Court approves. The tanks will be transferred for storage, preservation, and maintenance at the chosen clinic but that does not mean that you will be required to choose that clinic as your new fertility service provider.


  • I’m a patient looking to have my (embryos, oocytes, sperm) transferred to XYZ facility.
    • Answer: If you would like your frozen genetic material transferred to another clinic/facility, please email your request to with your full name, date of birth, and contact information for the clinic/facility. The clinic receiving the genetic material for storage will need to coordinate with you and your fertility clinic of choice to arrange transfer. You will need to sign a medical authorization / release that will be provided upon receipt of your email. There may be standard, cost-based shipping fees associated with transferring genetic material to a new provider.


  • When will my (embryos, oocytes, sperm) be available at the new clinic?
    • Answer: All cryogenic patients will receive a notice on next steps associated with the transfer of their genetic material after the Court approves proposed arrangements.


  • Will a doctor or medical professional be verifying my (embryos, oocytes, sperm) are still OK and were properly stored the entire time?
    • Answer: The new facility receiving the genetic materials will be providing information on next steps upon when the genetic material is received.


  • How can I be sure I am getting my (embryos, oocytes, sperm)? Will there be genetic testing?
    • Answer: The Receiver cannot provide additional information regarding your inquiry at this time. However, a notice from the new facility receiving the genetic materials will be sent out to patients after transfer is complete.


  • Will I need to pay anything or will I owe money?
  • If I was making payments, do I continue making payments? If so, how?
  • How much will it cost to move my (embryos, oocytes, sperm)? Will I be responsible?
  • Will I get money back for services I paid for but never received? How do I get my money back?
    • Answer: The Receiver is currently focusing on the safe and timely transfer of the cryogenic material and the delivery of patient records. The Receiver will provide another notice when a determination of next steps related to financial implications is finalized.