Reagor-Dykes Motors, LP, et al.

Reagor-Dykes Motors, LP, et al.

Case Number: 18-50214 (RLJ)

Northern District of Texas

Customers of Reagor-Dykes Auto Group

Reagor-Dykes Motors, LP, Reagor-Dykes Imports, LP, Reagor-Dykes Amarillo, LP, Reagor-Dykes Auto Company, LP, Reagor-Dykes Floydada, LP, Reagor-Dykes Plainview, LP, Reagor-Dykes Snyder, L.P, Reagor-Dykes II LLC, Reagor-Dykes III LLC, Reagor Auto Mall, Ltd., and Reagor Auto Mall I LLC (collectively, “Reagor-Dykes”) filed voluntary petitions for relief under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code on August 1, 2018 and November 2, 2018 (the “Chapter 11 Cases”).

On September 3, 2020, the Bankruptcy Court in Lubbock entered an Order in the Chapter 11 Cases appointing Mr. Dennis Faulkner as Consumer Ombudsman.  The stated purpose of the Consumer Ombudsman is to act as a fiduciary to try to help impacted consumers.  While the Consumer Ombudsman is neither authorized nor able to resolve all issues consumers may have faced given the Reagor-Dykes Chapter 11 Cases, the Consumer Notice has been sent to consumers for use in communicating their concerns or grievances against Reagor-Dykes to the Consumer Ombudsman (“Consumer Claims”).

If you purchased a vehicle from one of the following Reagor-Dykes dealerships between June 1, 2018 – July 31, 2018, you may be entitled to assert a claim against a dedicated fund held by the Consumer Ombudsman:  Reagor-Dykes Plainview Ford, Reagor-Dykes Chevrolet Floydada, Reagor-Dykes Amarillo Mitsubishi, Reagor-Dykes Mitsubishi Lubbock, Spike Dykes Ford Lamesa, Reagor-Dykes Auto Mall of Midland, or Reagor-Dykes Toyota Plainview.

If you purchased a vehicle from one of the following dealerships between September 1, 2018 and November 1, 2018, you may be entitled to assert a claim against a dedicated fund held by the Consumer Ombudsman:  Reagor-Dykes Auto Mall, Reagor-Dykes Auto Mall Downtown, Reagor-Dykes Direct Auto of Dallas, Reagor-Dykes Auto Mall Imports, Reagor-Dykes Auto Mall West Lubbock, or Reagor-Dykes Auto Mall Leveland.

To view the Consumer Notice please click HERE.



To download a Consumer Claim Form, please click HERE.  Upon completion of a Consumer Claim Form (together with any supporting documentation you may have), please remit to the following address:

Reagor-Dykes Motors, LP, et al. Claims Processing
c/o Stretto
8269 E. 23rd Ave., Suite 275
Denver, CO 80238

Should you wish to receive a date-stamped copy of your Consumer Claim Form, please include a photocopy of the form and a self-addressed, stamped envelope.


Should you have any questions, please contact counsel for the Consumer Ombudsman, C. Ashley Ellis at cc: the Consumer Ombudsman team at via email so that we have a written record of your concern.

Please note that submitting your potential claim to the Consumer Ombudsman does not constitute an acknowledgement by the Consumer Ombudsman of the validity of your asserted claim, nor does submission of your claim guarantee any recovery on your stated claim.  All disputes regarding consumer claims remain subject to final determination by the Bankruptcy Court unless otherwise resolved and agreed by and between the consumer and the Consumer Ombudsman.

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