The Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse, New York

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse, New York

Case Number: 20-30663 (WAK)

Northern District of New York
Network List


  1. St. Agnes Church of Afton, NY
  2. St. John the Evangelist
  3. St. Augustine Roman Catholic Church, Baldwinsville, NY
  4. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church of the Town of Clay, NY
  5. St. Marys Church of Baldwinsville, NY
  6. Church of St. Francis of Assisi (Renamed)-inc as St. Catherine of Siena
  7. **St. Christopher Roman Catholic Church [Town of Chenango, Broome County]
  8. **St. Catherine of Siena Roman Catholic Church
  9. St. Mary of the Assumption (combined with St. Mary's Church)
  10. St. Paul's Church, Binghamton, NY
  11. **St. Andrew's Church of Binghamton
  12. The Church of Saints John & Andrew
  13. **St. John the Evangelist Church
  14. Church of the Holy Trinity
  15. **Church of St. Stanislaus Kostka, Binghamton NY (merged into St. Ann)
  16. **St. Joseph's Lithuanian Roman Catholic Church of Binghamton NY (merged in St. Ann)
  17. **St. Ann Catholic Church (renamed church of the Holy Trinity)
  18. Ss Cyril & Methodius Slovak Roman Catholic Church of Binghamton, NY
  19. St. Patrick's Catholic Church of Binghamton, NY
  20. St. Thomas Aquinas Church
  21. St. Joseph 's Church, Boonville, NY
  22. **St. Agnes Church
  23. Church of St. Francis of Assisi of Bridgeport, NY
  24. St. John 's Church Society
  25. St. Joseph's Church of Camillus,NY
  26. St. Agatha's Church
  27. St. James Church, Cazenovia, NY
  28. Divine Mercy Parish Roman Catholic Church
  29. **Saint Michael's Roman Catholic Church
  30. **St. Anthony of Padua's Church of Willowvale and Chadwicks
  31. St. Patrick-St. Anthony Church of Chadwicks, New York
  32. **St. Rita's Roman Catholic Church
  33. St. Patrick's Church, Chittenango NY
  34. Our Lady of Perpetual Help Roman Catholic Church of Cincinnatus, NY
  35. The Church of the Sacred Heart
  36. **St. Patrick's Church
  37. **St. Mary's Church, Cleveland,NY
  38. St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, Clinton
  39. The Church of Annunciation
  40. St. Bernadette's Church, Constantia, NY
  41. St. Anthony 's Church
  42. St. Mary's Church of Cortland
  43. St. Joseph's Church, Deposit, NY
  44. Saint Lawrence Church of DeRuyter, NY
  45. Holy Cross Church, DeWitt, NY
  46. **St. Francis Church of Durhamville, NY
  47. St. Matthew's Church
  48. Our Lady of Good Counsel Church, Endicott, NY
  49. St. Ambrose
  50. St. Anthony of Padua Church
  51. **St. Casimir Roman Catholic (Polish) Church of Endicott
  52. St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church, Endicott, NY
  53. **Church of Christ The King, Endwell , NY
  54. **Our Lady of Angels Church of Endwell, NY
  55. Church of the Holy Family
  56. **St. Paul's Mission (mission of I.C. Pomep) Unincororated, closed
  57. The Church of the Immaculate Conception Fayetteville, NY
  58. St. Mary's Church, Florence, Oneida Co.
  59. St.Patrick's Church of Forestport
  60. **The Holy Family Church of Fulton
  61. **St. Michael 's Roman Catholic Polish Church
  62. **Church of the Immaculate Conception of Fulton,NY
  63. Church of the Holy Trinity
  64. Church of the Immaculate Conception
  65. St. Mary's Church Hamilton, Madison Co., NY
  66. Our Lady of The Rosary Church, Hannibal NY
  67. St. John Chrysostom Mission [served area near Forestport]
  68. **St. Ann Church of Hinckley, NY
  69. The Church of St. Leo & St. Ann
  70. St. Margaret's Catholic Church
  71. **St Mary's Devotional Chapel-[never inc]
  72. **St. Mary's Church, Jamesville, NY
  73. St. James Roman Catholic Church Lestershire,NY
  74. **The Church of the Blessed Sacrament
  75. St. Patrick's Church, Jordan, NY
  76. St. Mary's Church, Kirkwood
  77. **Church of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini
  78. St. Joseph's Church
  79. **Our Lady of the Valley [ Mission]
  80. **St. Francis of Assisi Mission as The Trustees of St. Mary's Church of West Monroe
  81. Church of Immaculate Heart of Mary
  82. St. Joseph the Worker Liverpool, Onondaga Co.
  83. Christ the King Church, Liverpool, NY
  84. Pope John XXIII Roman Catholic Church
  85. **St. John Roman Catholic Church of Clay, NY
  86. Most Holy Rosary Roman Catholic Church of Maine
  87. St. Ann's Church
  88. St. Stephen's Church
  89. St. Francis Xavier's Church
  90. St. Margaret's Church
  91. St. Jospeh's Church of McGraw, NY- originally titled to St. Mary-Corland
  92. **St.Mary, Star of the Sea Roman Catholic Church of Mexico
  93. St. Anne, Mother of Mary Roman Catholic Church Mexico,NY
  94. Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help
  95. St. Mary's Church of Minoa, NY
  96. St. Joan of Arc Church of Morrisville, NY
  97. **Church of the St. Therese the Little Flower of Jesus
  98. Church of St. Theresa of the Infant Jesus, New Berlin, NY
  99. Church of Our Lady of the Rosary, New Hartford, NY
  100. St. John the Evangelist Church
  101. St. Thomas Roman Catholic Church
  102. **Holy Cross Church
  103. The Church of the Sacred Heart and St. Mary, New York Mills, NY St. Mary's
  104. **St. Mary's Church of Our Lady of Czestochowa
  105. **St. John's Church [The original church was SS. Peter & Paul -1843 ]
  106. **St. Mary' s Church
  107. St. Rose of Lima Church
  108. St. Paul's Church of Norwich
  109. St. Bartholomew's Italian Catholic Church of Norwich, NY
  110. St. Joseph's German Catholic Church of Oneida
  111. St. Patrick's Church of Oneida, NY
  112. St. Joseph's Church, Oriskany Falls
  113. **Church of St. Stephen, Protomartyr
  114. **Church of Saint .Louis, Oswego
  115. **St. Joseph's Church
  116. **The Church of Saint John the Evangelist , Oswego, NY
  117. St. Mary's Church of Oswego , NY
  118. St. Paul's Church, Oswego, NY
  119. St. Peter's Church, Oswego
  120. **St. Stephen Roman Catholic Church
  121. St. Patrick's Church of Otisco, NY
  122. Church of St. Mary of the Snows
  123. St. Joseph's Church
  124. **St. Anne's Church of Parish, NY
  125. St. Stephen's Church
  126. Church of the Immaculate Conc. Pompey Hill, NY
  127. Christ Our Light Parish
  128. **St. John the Evangelist Church Pulaski
  129. **St. Paul's Mission (mission of I.C. Pomep) Unincorporated, closed
  130. Church of St. John the Baptist
  131. **St. Mary's Church, Rome, NY
  132. St. Paul's Church, Rome, NY
  133. St. Peter's Church, Rome
  134. The Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord of Rome, NY
  135. St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church, Sanitaria Springs NY
  136. Sacred Heart Church of Town of Scriba, Oswego
  137. St. Malachy's Church Sherburn, Chenango Co.
  138. St. Helena's
  139. St. Mary of the Lake Roman Catholic Church, Skaneateles, NY
  140. **St. Bridget Roman Catholic Church of Skaneateles Falls, NY
  141. **St. Bridget's Church -[First a Mission of Oxford, then Cortland, then Truxton]
  142. **St. Peter's Church of Split Rock
  143. St. Cecilia's Church, Solvay, NY
  144. **Corpus Christi Church of S. Onondaga County of Onondaga, State of NY
  145. St. Mary's Church, Syracuse, NY d/b/a The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception
  146. **St. John 's Church, Syracuse, NY
  147. **Holy Trinity Church, Syracuse
  148. **St. Peter's Italian Church, Syracuse
  149. St. Vincent DePaul's Church
  150. Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Syracuse, NY
  151. **St. Brigid & St. Joseph Church of Syracuse
  152. St. Lucy's Church of Syracuse, NY
  153. St. Patrick' s Church, Geddes
  154. **St. Stephen's Roman Catholic Church
  155. Church of St. Anthony of Padua
  156. St. James' Church, Syracuse, NY
  157. Blessed Sacrament Church, Eastwood, NY
  158. Transfiguration Roman Catholic Church
  159. The Church of the Most Holy Rosary
  160. **Our Lady of Lourdes Church Syracuse, NY
  161. Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  162. Church of Our Lady of Pompei/St. Peters Syracuse [OLOP name changed at merger]
  163. Church of St. Daniel, Syracuse, NY
  164. The Church of St. John the Baptist
  165. St. Joseph (German) Church [FAD 1882]
  166. Church of Our Lady of Peace [merged into St. Cecilia's Solvay as St. Marianne Cope]
  167. **Church of St. Andrew the Apostle of Syracuse, NY
  168. All Saints Church, Syracuse, NY [new name for St. Therese @ merger with OL Solace]
  169. **Church of St. Therese The Little Flower of Jesus, Syracuse
  170. St. Michael's & St. Peter Church, Onondaga Hill
  171. Church of the Holy Family
  172. St. Ann's Church Syracuse, NY [name changed to St. Charles-St. Ann]
  173. The Church of St. Charles, Syracuse
  174. **The Church of Our Lady of Solace [merged into St. Therese to become All Saints]
  175. **St. Anne -Glenmore [never inc]
  176. St. Patrick's Church, Taberg, NY
  177. **St. Patrick's Church
  178. St. Leo 's Church, Tully, NY
  179. **St. Agnes Church
  180. St. John's Church and Roman Catholic Society in the City of Utica
  181. **Church of St. Francis de Sales, Utica, NY
  182. **St.Mary's Church Utica (South St.)
  183. **Church of the Blessed Sacrament
  184. St. Maria di Monte Carmelo
  185. **St. Stanislaus Roman Catholic Church
  186. Holy Trinity Church of Utica, NY
  187. Church of Our Lady of Lourdes
  188. **Church of The Sacred Heart
  189. St. Joseph and St. Patrick Church of Utica
  190. **St. George Roman Catholic Church
  191. St. Mark's Roman Catholic Church, Utica, NY
  192. St. Peter's Church, Utica [predecessor St. Peters. Cong. Of Deerfield]
  193. St. Anthony & St. Agnes Church, Utica, NY
  194. St. Mary 's of the Lake, Sylvan Beach, NY
  195. The Church of the Holy Family [merger of the Church of St. Catherine-Vernon & St. Agnes-Vernon Center]
  196. The Church of Our Lady of Good Counsel
  197. Our Lady of Sorrows Church, Vestal, NY
  198. St. Vincent DePaul-Blessed Sacrament Church
  199. **The Church of Our Lady of Good Counsel
  200. St. Bernard's Catholic Church of Waterville, Oneida Co.
  201. **St. Anne's Roman Catholic Church, Whitesboro, NY
  202. St. Paul's Church -St. Anne's-St. Stephen's, Whitesboro
  203. The Catholic Community of St. Stephen-St. Patrick [merged into St. Patraick-Whitney Pt.]
  204. **St. Patrick 's Church Williamstown [originally a mission of Parish, later Camden]
  205. Church of Our Lady of Lourdes of Windsor, NY


Other Entities

  1. Catholic Cemeteries of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse, Inc.
  2. Catholic Charities of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse
  3. Heritage Campaign, Inc.
  4. Jail Ministry of Onondaga County, Inc.
  5. Joseph and Elaine Scuderi Foundation, Inc.
  6. The Clerical Fund of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse
  7. The Diocese of Syracuse Lay Pension Plan
  8. The Foundation of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse, Inc.
  9. The Robert L. McDevitt, K.S.G.K.C.H.S. and Catherine H. McDevitt, L.C.H.S. Foundation Inc.
  10. The Syracuse Catholic Press Association, Inc.
  11. The Syracuse Diocesan Investment Fund
  12. The Syracuse House of Retreats
  13. The St. Thomas Aquinas Fund, Inc.



  1. All Saints Catholic School
  2. Bishop Grimes Jr./Sr. High School
  3. Bishop Ludden Jr./Sr. High School
  4. Blessed Sacrament
  5. Cathedral Academy at Pompei
  6. Holy Cross School
  7. Holy Family School
  8. Holy Family
  9. Immaculate Conception School
  10. Most Holy Rosary School
  11. Notre Dame Elementary School
  12. Notre Dame Jr. / Sr. High
  13. Rome Catholic School
  14. Seton Catholic Central
  15. St. James Elementary School
  16. St. John the Evangelist School
  17. St. Margaret's School
  18. St. Mary's Academy  
  19. St. Mary's School
  20. St. Patrick's School
  21. St. Rose of Lima School
  22. Trinity Catholic School


** Indicates a parish that is closed, has merged with another or is otherwise inactive at this time.