Barneys New York, Inc., et al.

Barneys New York, Inc., et al.

Case Number: 19-36300 (CGM)

Southern District of New York
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IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING REDACTING YOUR SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION: A document has been redacted when the person filing it has masked, edited out, or otherwise deleted, certain information. A creditor must show only the last four digits of any social security, individual's tax identification, or financial-account number, only the initials of a minor's name, and only the year of any person's date of birth. PLEASE REVIEW YOUR SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS AND REDACT ACCORDINGLY PRIOR TO UPLOADING THEM WITH YOUR FILED CLAIM. PROOFS OF CLAIM ARE PUBLIC DOCUMENTS THAT WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR VIEWING ONLINE UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED.

To download a proof of claim form, please click HERE. Upon completion of a proof of claim form (together with any supporting documentation you may have), please remit to the following address:

Barneys Claims Processing
c/o Stretto
8269 E 23rd Ave, Ste 275
Denver, CO 80238

Should you wish to receive a date-stamped copy of your proof of claim form, please include a photocopy of the form and a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Please click HERE to view instructions on how to fill out a proof of claim form.


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